Course Approval Process


Follow the instructions below to submit course approval paperwork:

  1. To add a new course* or make a minor or major revision* to an existing course, please see the following link for the appropriate paperwork:
  3. Once you have filled out the completed forms**, please send them to, by the appropriate deadline.  For course approval deadlines please click here.  Note- there is NO need to get your chair to sign the form, as the chair will have to approve the request through the Online Curriculum Approval system. However, we strongly encourage discussing additions/changes with your chairs before submitting your paperowork, as they will have to approve your request.  After you submit the form to instructional support, the information will be uploaded into the Online Curriculum Approval system.  The request will go through an approval process and you will be notified if any additional information is requested or when the request has been approved. 

*Note- Supplemental sheets are also needed for new courses and major revisions.  Additionally, a syllabus must be submitted for all new courses.

**Forms MUST be submitted electronically.  Paper forms, will NOT be accepted.