BSOE Academic Payroll

What We Do

The BSOE Academic Payroll Unit manages several aspects of personnel and payroll administration including:

  • Payroll entry for academic appointment activity such as new appointments, separations, leaves, reappointments, personnel review outcome actions, summer salary entry, etc.
  • Time sheet auditing.
  • Facilitation of quarterly academic student hiring (readers, tutors, graduate student researchers).
  • Recruitment compliance for applicants in the BSOE adjunct and lecturer recruitment pools.
  • Informational resource to academic employees and students.

The BSOE Payroll Team

BSOE Personnel/Payroll Analysts

Summer Croft
Academic Personnel/Payroll Analyst

Engineering 2, Room 298
M-F 7:45AM-4:15PM

Sara Puhl
Academic Personnel/Payroll Analyst

Engineering 2, Room 298
M-F 8am-5pm

BSOE Payroll Unit Supervisor

Raychel Sky
Department Manager, Applied Mathematics & Statistics
BSOE Payroll Supervisor
Assistant Department Manager BME & CS

Engineering 2, Room 298i
M-F 8-4:30