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For assistance and support, please send support requests to These requests go into a ticketing queue which all BELS staff see and can work on.


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Staff Contacts

Please e-mail unless you have an emergency!

Christian J. Monnet
Research Engineer
Development Engineer

Baskin Engineering, Room 66
Monday thru Friday, 8am - 5pm

Robert Vitale
Director of Laboratories and Facilities
Electrical Engineer

831-459-3794 (Office)
831-596-5360 (Mobile)
Baskin Engineering, Room 349
M-F 9am-6pm via appointment UCSC Google Calendar

BELS Students
Student Workers


Old Lab Descriptions

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Map of Labs

Instructional LabRoomCourses That Typically Use This Lab
Logic Design Lab BE-104 CMPE100L, ENGR50L
CE Senior Projects Lab BE-111 CMPE173L, EE153, EE154
EE Senior Projects Lab BE-113 EE070, EE171
CE Systems Design Senior Projects Lab BE-115 CE125-1, CE125-2
Engineering Honors Project Lab BE-140 EE125, EE126
Optics & Laser Lab BE-148 CMPE100L, ENGR50L
Circuits Lab BE-150 CMPE123L, CMPE125L, CMPE126L
Electromagnetics & RF Lab BE-161 CMPE121L, EE135L
Physical Electronics Lab BE-162 EE145L
Networks Lab BE-168 EE145L